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Crucible Tool

Crucible Tool makes hand tools in the United States using proven materials and (in many cases) new technology. All of our tools are designed by woodworkers (us) and are used at the workbench every day.

24 results
Piggly No Wiggly Glue
Crucible Engraving Tool
Warrington-pattern Hammer in Steel
Anthe Restoration, 'Fancy Lad/Lass Level' – $350
Crucible 1:4 Dovetail Template
Special Edition Engraved Lump Hammer
Lost Art Press Tool Roll
Crucible Center Squares
Crucible GoDrilla
Crucible 1:6 & 1:8 Dovetail Template
Crucible Sliding Bevel
Crucible Planing Stop
5 Lost Art Press Woodworking Pencils
Hammer Handle & Wedges for Lump Hammer
Crucible Dividers, Type 2
Crucible Bench Square Mk. II
Chairpanzee Analog Computer
Crucible Big Protractor
Crucible Bevel Monkey
Crucible Pinch Rods
Arno Burnishers
Arno Burnishers
$ 42.00
Lump Hammer
Lump Hammer
$ 101.00
Crucible Iron Holdfast
Crucible Card Scraper
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