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Hand Tool Woodworking

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Customer Testimonials

'High quality and relevant'

The books are high quality and relevant to what I do; they are well written, edited, printed, bound, and shipped. I'm sure they will be treasured by my nephews and grandchildren as much as they are by me.
– Bear Limvere

'Clever and beautiful'

Crucible tools are clever and beautiful. Using them adds joy to my time in the shop.
– Jim Micciulla

'A delight to read'

I own many books published by Lost Art Press. The books are outstanding, enlightening, a delight to read and incredibly well made. Their books may not change the world, but they will change your woodworking.
– Kyle Barton

About Lost Art Press

Lost Art Press LLC was founded in 2007 by two enthusiastic woodworkers, John Hoffman and Christopher Schwarz, while attending a Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Open House in Warren, Maine.

The company started with a question: What happened to all the great woodworking books that used to be published? The books that changed the course of the craft and people’s lives? The books that explored our ever-diminishing link to the handwork of previous centuries?