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The Crucible GoDrilla extends the reach of your drill bits (and other tooling) without introducing any run-out or wobble. This precision-machined tool (made in Tennessee) allows you to perform many unusual boring and fastening operations with immense ease and accuracy.

Home center bit extenders are cheap, poorly made and are designed for operations where run-out is OK. An oversized hole will be hidden behind drywall. In most woodworking operations, however, an oversized hole is an ugly, gappy disaster.

So when we sat down to design a bit extender, we wanted a tool that:

  1. Holds a bit fiercely and concentric with the chuck
  2. Can be tightened by hand, but also can be cinched with wrenches when you need it to stay put
  3. Is able to extend the reach of a bit from 6” to 24”
  4. Is repairable if the shaft ever gets bent.

So we made one: The Crucible GoDrilla.

The GoDrilla works like a router collet, but with two ends. By tightening the steel nuts (knurled with flats for wrenches), one end grabs a hex bar that's chucked into a drill. The other end of the collet grabs 1/4”-shank tooling. You can put anything you like in the collet, from a spade bit to a screwdriver bit to a countersink bit to anything with a 1/4″ hex shank.

It basically extends the reach of any of the thousands of tools that have a 1/4” hex shank.

The collet locks great with hand pressure. But you can make the bond unbreakable with 1/2" wrenches.

The GoDrilla includes a 12" length of hex bar – a common length for chairmaking –  that is easy to swap out for whatever length you need. The body of the GoDrilla is made from hard-anodized aluminum. The nuts are steel and coated in manganese phosphate for rust protection and to lubricate the threads.

What's Included in the Box
1 GoDrilla body with two steel locking nuts
1 steel hex bar (12")
Instruction booklet

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