Crucible Bench Square

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The Crucible Bench Square is a handy, lightweight and accurate tool that’s useful for many woodworking operations. Based on an 18th-century square in A.J. Roubo’s masterpiece, “l’Art du menuisier,” our version uses modern technology to ensure it is accurate and stays that way.

The Bench Square is great for checking a board’s edge when planing joints for a panel glue-up. The tool’s square end is nice for marking crosscuts (with a pencil or knife). And the built-in angles can be used to check sawn miters for accuracy and even set the tilt of your table saw’s blade.

The originals were made from one piece of walnut, so they were fragile and tended to go out of square because of wood movement. Our version has a blade that is made from 1/4” Baltic birch that is laser cut so it’s dead-nuts accurate, immune to wood movement and has no short grain. Then it is joined to a maple stock that is machined for a perfect fit.

After assembly, the Bench Square is trued up on machinery to ensure the 45° and 90° are perfect enough for woodworking. The tool is supplied without a finish, like most wooden bench tools.

And because we know it’s a handy tool, we’ve added a hang hole so you can keep it close under your workbench. The square measures 4” x 9” and weighs less than 3 oz.

Yes, you absolutely could make this square for yourself. And if that’s your inclination, please go right ahead. But if you want yours to be perfect (for woodworking) right from the start, our square is a good value.

As always, all our tools are made in the U.S.A.

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