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Gifts for Your Woodworker

Get the woodworker in your life something they didn’t know they needed – or something they would never buy for themselves.

Lost Art Press and Crucible Tools makes everything – everything – in the United States and has been providing quality books and tools since 2007. Here are some of our new and classic items that are available for immediate shipment.

Crucible Big Protractor
Most woodworkers use small protractors intended for students. Our protractor is almost 12” wide, making it easy to use in the shop and shockingly accurate. 

The Handcrafted Life of Dick Proenneke

One of our newest books, this amazing story of Dick Proenneke chronicles his 30-year adventure in the Alaskan wilderness through the objects he built and used to survive – from all of his furniture to a berry picker made from an oil can. 

The Anarchist’s Workbench

Every woodworker deserves a good workbench. And this book represents more than 20 years of research into ancient, simple and highly effective workbenches. The bench shown in the book can be built with construction lumber and simple tools – and works far better than expensive commercial benches.

Lost Art Press Steins

One of our newest products, these 20-ounce steins are great for coffee and are handmade by an artists’ collective in Minnesota. We cannot believe how nice and reasonably priced these steins turned out.

The Essential Woodworker

For any woodworker looking to get started in hand tools, “The Essential Woodworker” is the easiest and fastest path to truly understanding handwork on a fundamental level. It’s one of the most important and influential books we’ve published. And one of our personal favorites.

Make a Chair from a Tree: Third Edition
One of the most influential woodworking books of the 20th century, “Make a Chair from a Tree” launched an explosion of interest in building things using wood that was green from the forest. For the last 20 years, the book has been out of print. But thanks to the original author and a team of woodworkers, this brilliant new third edition is available again for a new generation.

Crucible Bench Square
This deceptively simple wooden square is a remarkably useful tool at the bench for marking out crosscuts and miter cuts. Based on ancient wooden squares, our version is made with modern materials and laser precision so it is accurate and remains that way through years of use.

‘Blackout’ T-shirt from Lost Art Press
We spent years finding a U.S. manufacturer that could make us a durable T-shirt with our logo using a true discharge print – the ink is soaked into the cloth and won’t flake off. This dark-blue shirt features a subtle black logo on the front and is designed for decades of hard wear.

Kitchen Think
Most woodworkers have the tools and skills to remake their kitchen. But they don’t know how to go about designing the space so it feels like an integrated part of the home. Professional cabinetmaker and designer Nancy R. Hiller dispenses a lifetime of experience into this fascinating full-color book.

Kitchen Think
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