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Video: Build Your Tool Chest Interior

$ 24.00

A video with Megan Fitzpatrick.

In this video, Megan Fitzpatrick shows you how make and install the interior structures of a full-size English tool chest (in this case, an "Anarchist's Tool Chest") with three sliding tills and their runners, a combination hanging tool rack/backsaw rack, a floor till for full-size hand saws, and a moulding plane till.

Megan has built dozens of these chests for customers and has refined the techniques for making the tills, tool rack and saw till well beyond what is covered in the book, "The Anarchist's Tool Chest." Many of her methods make the interior easier to build and fit into the chest. Plus they are reversible (in case your heirs ever want to turn your tool chest into a blanket chest).

You'll also learn how to install the hardware: ring pulls for the tills, chest handles, hinges and a "crab lock." Finally, you'll see how Megan installs casters and deals with keeping the lid open. She discusses how to finish the interior (or not) and the paint she uses for the exterior of chests.

The video is nearly two hours long and can be watched one of two ways. You can stream it (after logging into your account here at Lost Art Press). Or you can download the video and put it on any device. The video is offered without DRM (digital rights management), so the files will be easily moved to any of your devices, now and in the future.

The video also includes Megan's notes on construction and sources for the hardware and tools shown in the video.

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