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Sharpen This (the Video)

$ 75.00

Sharpening your tools is simple. And easy. So why do so many woodworkers struggle with it?

One huge reason is the enormous amount of misinformation, needless consumerism and piles of unnecessary (and expensive!) equipment.

The new video “Sharpen This” takes you back to what is important: Getting a good edge that will leave shimmering wooden surfaces with a minimum amount of fuss, sharpening grits or gear. 

Most sharpening information these days comes from people who make sharpening equipment. Or from passionate amateurs who have tried to turn it into a science. Host Christopher Schwarz is a furniture maker who sells his pieces – not a manufacturer of sharpening equipment. His approach creates durable edges (in usually 3 minutes or less) that will create perfect surfaces on your work.

The 2-1/2-hour long video explains the entire world of sharpening so you can pick a sharpening system (they all work), sharpen your edges quickly and get back to the good part: woodworking. In addition to the video, buyers will receive an additional 20 videos throughout 2023 that show you how to sharpen tricky tools (such as marking knives, scorps and fishtail chisels). Plus tips on how to sharpen faster and better while ignoring the immense amount of sharpening BS that clogs the internet.

Tools Sharpened in the Video
• Bench planes (jack, jointer, smoother)
• Block planes
• Bench chisels
• Mortise chisels
• Swan-neck chisels
• Router plane
• Card scrapers
• Travishers
• Moulding planes

Technical Notes
When you check out and pay for your purchase, you will receive an email link that will allow you to view and download the videos. Save the email, and you will always be able to easily access your videos.


Contents of 'Sharpen This (The Video)'
Introduction    1:26
What is Sharp?
What Sharpens Tools?
My Personal Kit
Set Up a New Tool
Hone & Polish
Flattening Stones
Hand Sharpening
Sharpen Scrapers
Moulding Planes
Reverse the Operations

Future Videos that Will be Included in this Series
Marking Knives and Marking Gauges
Spade & Auger Bits
Shop Knives & Pocket Knives
Gunstock Scrapers & Chair Devils
Dividers, Awls & Planing Stops
Narrow and Odd Chisels
The Terrible Flattening Brick
The Edge-on-Up Sharpness Tester

And more….

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