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The Welsh Stick Chair: A Visual Record

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What's a stick chair? You can learn all about them here.

By Tim and Betsan Bowen

The best way to develop an eye for chair design is to study lots of excellent and authentic examples. Tim and Betsan Bowen, owners of Tim Bowen Antiques in Wales, have long specialized in vernacular furniture and folk art from Wales and Britain in general. And now they have poured that knowledge into a delightful and informative book, “The Welsh Stick Chair: A Visual Record.”

Published by the Bowens in Wales, “The Welsh Stick Chair” is a photographic record of 31 of the most interesting Welsh chairs that have passed through their gallery in Ferryside. The chairs range from rough-and-ready examples all the way up to the chair that John Brown declared was the finest Welsh form he’d ever seen.

The pieces are illustrated with beautiful full-color photos and text (both in Welsh and English) that discusses each chair’s known provenance, repairs, materials and construction methods. (This is not a book of plans; nor does it include dimensions.)

Many of the chairs in the book are stunning forms, and are examples that you won’t see on the internet or in other books on Welsh furniture. In addition to the 31 chairs, the Bowens included 13 related vernacular forms at the end of the book, including a number of staked stools, cricket tables and a pig bench. Plus there’s a map of Wales that designates where each piece in the book likely originated.

“The Welsh Stick Chair: A Visual Record” is softcover and measures 7” x 9-3/8” with 120 pages. The paper is a heavy matte stock that is nice and white, leading to excellent detail and color reproduction.

If you are interested in vernacular chairs or Welsh furniture in general, this book is highly recommended. Quantities are limited.

Customers in the U.K. can order the book directly from Tim Bowen Antiques.

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