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Full-Size Patterns from ‘The Stick Chair Book’

$ 21.00

What's a stick chair? You can learn all about them here.

To remove one more barrier to making a stick chair, we have created this set of full-size paper patterns of all the important components for the five chairs in “The Stick Chair Book.”

The five 22” x 34” sheets contain full-scale drawings of all the seats, arms, backrests, shoes and combs for the chairs. The drawings also include all the mortise locations, drilling sightlines and centerlines.

With these sheets, you can easily make full-scale patterns in plywood, posterboard or masonite. Then you can use these patterns to make your own versions of these stick chairs and start modifying them to create your own original chair designs.

Please note that these five sheets contain only the full-scale patterns of the parts mentioned above. They do not include dimensioned construction drawings, a cutting list or construction information. For those, you will need to consult “The Stick Chair Book.”

You can purchase the paper version of the patterns, or you can purchase a pdf of the patterns, which you can print out at any reprographics firm or office supply store.

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