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Roubo Workbench: By Hand & Power Video (Streaming & Download only)

$ 35.00

Note: This video is available to stream through our website and to download to your computer (without DRM) so you can watch it without an internet connection. Once you purchase this product and start to watch the video, you will have the option to download it to a device.

Building a workbench using giant slabs of solid timber is easier than you think. Christopher Schwarz and Will Myers, who have built hundreds of workbenches in their careers, show you how to do it with simple tools and wet wood.

"Roubo Workbench: By Hand & Power" walks you through the construction of an 8'-long slab workbench starting with wet chunks of inexpensive red oak. Will and Chris show you how to tackle each operation using only hand tools, only electric tools or a clever combination of both.

The 4:19-long video also includes copious amounts of workbench design details – including how to scale the height, width and length of the bench for your work – so you can customize your bench for your body. There's also an extensive discussion of basic workholding – where to put your holdfast holes and how you can work easily without a tail vise.

The tools used in the video are simple and inexpensive – the kind that most woodworkers would own. But they are used in unexpected ways: Jigsaws to cut mortises? Circular saws to cut dovetails? An electric door planer to flatten a workbench top?


Roubo Workbench: By Hand and Power Trailer from Christopher Schwarz on Vimeo.

 You'll also get tips on how to move the heavy components by yourself or with minimum assistance – Will and Chris have built most of their benches without any additional muscle from friends or family.

If you have been dreaming of building a massive slab workbench but was worried that you couldn't handle it, or that you'd have to wait 15 years for the wood to dry, this video will convince you that you can get started immediately.

In addition to the video, you will receive a three-page pdf that includes a cutting list, a list of supplies for the bench and the necessary construction drawings.


Introduction 00:00:15
Wood Selection, Moisture Content and Why? 00:05:33
Handling and Prepping a Large Slab 00:21:27
Legs & Base 00:48:12
Stretchers & Base Assembly 01:21:07
Tune Up & Base Prep 02:02:07
Base to Top Layout 02:29:38
Cutting Mortises 02:56:43
Final Checks 03:24:51
Wedges, Pegs & Glue Up 03:29:56
Cleanup 03:59:43
Hold Fasts & Leg Vise 04:03:57
Finish 04:13:52

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