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Crucible Bevel Monkey

$ 40.00

The Crucible Bevel Monkey is a bevel setting gauge for woodworkers, chairmakers, carpenters and joiners, in fact anyone who needs to quickly and accurately set a sliding bevel.

The tool is marked in 0.5° steps from 0° to 50°. All angle markings are set out from the same origin, meaning the tool is well suited for chairmakers wishing to use the direct reading method for leg rake and splay (as popularized by Peter Galbert).

The gauge is an excellent way to set a sliding bevel to the correct angle when using existing plans, or when determining angles from an existing object or photograph. Set your bevel to the angle you wish to read and use the Bevel Monkey to determine what that angle is. This is an effective way to determine rake and splay from a photograph, which can then be used to calculate the sightline and the resultant angle for a compound angle.

The Bevel Monkey is manufactured in Ohio from a 3.2mm three-ply acrylic laminate with high contrast laser-engraved markings. The acrylic is an outstanding material. It is durable, lightweight and won’t ding your tools in your chest.

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