Laser-cut Templates for the Staked Armchair

$ 45.00

One of the goals of the Staked Armchair in “The Anarchist’s Design Book” was to eliminate the barriers that stop woodworkers from making chairs. The Staked Armchair can be built using only a few specialty tools at a standard woodworking bench and with wood from the lumberyard.

To make the chair even more straightforward, we worked with FirstLightWorks in the U.K. to develop MDF templates for the armchair that greatly simplify layout chores. The six templates in the set offer all the shapes you need to make the chair, including the seat, the arms, the doubler, the crest rail and even the pommel of the carved-out seat.

The templates include all of the mortise locations for the legs and the sticks. And they offer all the sightlines and resultant drilling angles for the legs.

With the help of these templates and “The Anarchist’s Design Book,” you should be able to quickly lay out the shapes on your lumber and start cutting. And because the templates are laser-cut, achieving fair curves and crisp results is easier than with hand-drawn templates.

The templates are made in Derbyshire, U.K., by a small company run by an enthusiastic woodworker (Ed) and photographer (Claire). These templates are also available in the U.K. from Classic Hand Tools, which supplies all of our books in the U.K.

Note that the templates come with instructions for applying them to the work but do not come with complete instructions for the chair. Those are found in "The Anarchist's Design Book." The templates are a supplement to that book.

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