Sawing Fundamentals (U.S. only)

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Learning to saw a straight line is one of the absolute fundamental woodworking skills. It's as important as sharpening, setting up a plane and learning to wield a chisel.

In this 57-minute DVD produced by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Christopher Schwarz walks you through the two most fundamental tasks in learning to saw: Choosing the right saw for a particular operation and learning to accurately cut to a line.

The DVD focuses on choosing the right set of Western saws for a furniture maker, the body ergonomics required for good sawing, and the traditional tricks that tame your saw into hopping onto your cutline.

The DVD does not cover saw sharpening (check out for a great tutorial) or Japanese pullsaws.

This DVD will give you all the tools you need to begin sawing correctly so that you will quickly be able to saw right against or through a knife line, preparing you for dovetails or compound joinery.