Lost Art Press Beehive T-shirt

$ 29.00

When we started Lost Art Press, we kicked around several ideas for what should be the symbol of our small company. We toyed with a saw and then a plane, and we eventually settled on using Joseph Moxon’s compass.

The dark horse candidate was to use a skep, a woven, basket-like beehive. The beehive has long been the symbol of the industrious joiner, and I love its shape and the parallels between the world of the bees and artisans.

But few people (aside from Mormons, Freemasons and the history-obsessed) associate the skep with building things. We’d like to change that and now present this T-shirt design that marries the skep with the tools of the joiner.

Made and printed in America, these logo T-shirts are 100-percent cotton and feature a hand-drawn logo by artist Joshua Minnich. They are available in multiple colors and a full range of sizes from XS up to 3XL.  American Apparel shirts are cut slim, so please take a close look at the sizing chart below before ordering.

Chest sizes:

XS      30-32
S        34-36
M       38-40
L        42-44
XL      46-48
2XL    48-50
3XL    52-54

Please note that all apparel is made to order and is not returnable unless defective.