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Crucible Microfiber Super Woobie

$ 24.00

Our Super Woobies to do two jobs: prevent rust and remind us of the value of our work.

We contracted with a local embroidery firm to stitch onto our favorite microfiber towels “Don’t Despair: Nothing Without Labour,” plus the image of a friendly bee – the long-time symbol of woodworkers and other trades.

The Super Woobie – a 15-1/2" square microfiber towel saturated with oil – gets used multiple times a day in our shop. With it, we wipe down all our tools before putting them away, plus we use it as we work to keep pitch and dust from accumulating on tools.

Our Woobie comes packaged dry in a quality 3mil plastic bag with a zipper. The bag is ideal for the initial oil soaking of your Woobie and for storing or transporting it. We don’t like to use plastic packaging, but this is one case where it is ideal. Add about 3-4 ounces of a non-drying oil of your choice (we like jojoba and camellia oil, other people like 3-in-1 light machine oil or mineral oil – they all work fine, and yes you can mix them). Seal the bag and squeeze it to distribute the oil.

When the Woobie gets disgusting from use, simply wash and dry it, then re-saturate it with oil (oil not included).

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