Building Furniture With Handplanes (U.S. only)

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What hand planes do you need to build furniture? How do you use them? In this DVD Christopher Schwarz explores jointer planes, smoothing planes and block planes, demonstrating their use to make parts used to build a small Shaker hanging cabinet.

Many woodworkers own handplanes, but few know what task each tool is designed to do, and even fewer know how to actually use a plane for the many tasks it was designed for while building furniture.

In traditional work, almost every surface gets touched by a plane during construction. And though some of that is tweaking a joint with a shoulder plane or clearing a hinge gain with a router plane, the vast majority of the work is done with the jointer plane, smoothing plane and block plane.

In this DVD, you will learn to use the three most powerful planes. The ultimate flattening tool, the jointer plane. The ultimate finishing tool, the smoothing plane. And the best fine trimming tool, the block plane. To demonstrate many of the things these tools can do, you’ll put these tools to work on building a small Shaker-style hanging cabinet.