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Anthe Restoration 'Sparkle Pony Level' – $5,000 (six available)

$ 5,000.00

We have run out of stock for this item.

Note: We have opened a second Sparkle Pony Chair Class. Same specs as the first one.

To help pay for the first stage of restoring the Anthe Building – the new Lost Art Press headquarters – we are holding two special chairmaking classes here in Covington, Ky., that will include a bunch of memorable meals (and know that we *love* to eat).

The classes will likely be held in February 2024 (we will find a week that works for everyone's schedule). Together we'll each make a stick chair (you'll get to pick the design – a few options are shown here on this page) from some premium wood, such as maple, white oak or walnut.

Each day we'll begin with pastries from one of Cincinnati's great bakeries. We'll bring in nice lunches to the shop each day to ensure we have enough time at the bench to finish your chair in five days. And we'll go out every night to one of our favorite restaurants in Cincinnati or Covington. Oh, and there will be a Sunday bluegrass night the evening before class begins. The cost of your meals is included in the $5,000. It does not include travel or lodging.

A Cover mockup of "The American Peasant"

In addition to the special class, buyers will receive a signed and personalized copy of "The American Peasant" (above) inscribed with a limerick, a haiku or a bloody thumbprint from the author.

I have been teaching classes for 15 years all over the Western world, and I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. We have tried to bring the best ideas here to our shop in Covington. And for this class, we will do everything we can to exceed them.

We hope you can join us.

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