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Anthe Restoration 'Bespokus Level' – $600 (100 available)

$ 600.00

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Note on shipping: The spell panel and spell book will ship immediately. The autographed copy of "The American Peasant" will ship when the book is released at the end of 2023.

To help pay for the first stage of restoring the Anthe Building – the new Lost Art Press headquarters – we are selling the 100 "spell panels" that Chris and Megan made in preparation for the new book "The American Peasant."

Each spell panel measures 6" x 6" and is basswood (from the Amana Colony in Iowa). They were all engraved with spells, both traditional and modern, using a race knife, a timber scribe and a grooving compass tool (now in development). All the panels depict "positive" ideas – protection for families, farms, crops and the earth. Eternal love, good wifi, stuff like that.

All the panels were finished with a jack plane, then a coat of linseed oil paint. After the paint cured, we rubbed out the panels with steel wool and finished them with soft wax.

In addition to the panel, each buyer will receive:

Cover of the printed Spell Book

• A 108-page full-color book that shows every one of the spell panels and includes a short explanation/critique of the panel. This softcover book is digitally printed on 60# coated paper in the United States. Because the book is printed digitally, the color isn't exactly where we want it. But it gets the point across.

Cover mockup of The American Peasant

• A signed copy of “The American Peasant” made out to you when it is released in December

• Invitation to our Opening Day Party in early 2024.

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