The Workbench DVD (U.S. only)

$ 29.00

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Lie-Nielsen Toolworks has released a DVD that is based on the theories, research and building that I did for the book "Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use" (Popular Woodworking). The DVD – titled "The Workbench" – shows how I use (and adapt) three different workbenches to work on the faces, edges and ends of boards.

Shot during a week in Maine, this DVD demonstrates how to accomplish basic (and some advanced) workholding with a traditional European-style workbench, a David Charlesworth-style workbench and my own Holtzapffel-style workbench.

I also show how to use basic appliances, such as a bench slave, shooting board and a wide planing stop, to extend the capabilities of your existing workbench.

And if you are in the throes of designing or purchasing your workbench, this DVD points out the important design details to consider, including the size of the bench, its workholding and the structure of its top and undercarriage.

This DVD is (I hope) a distillation of my 144-page book on the topic. I think you'll find the DVD especially useful if you haven't read the book or would like to see its principles put into action on a variety of workbenches.

In addition to the 40 minutes of video, the DVD contains a glossary of workbench terms and articles you can print out on shooting boards, holdfasts and bench hooks.