Six Board Chest (U.S. only)

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Six-board chests have been a part of human culture for centuries. And while building them is no mystery, building them quickly and entirely by hand is a window into the pre-industrial woodworker’s mindset.

Constructing a six-board chest is a good introduction to working efficiently with hand tools and quickly understanding that hand woodworking is very dissimilar to machine woodworking. Different things are important. And the order of operations is critical.

In July 2012, I spent a week at the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks shops filming this DVD on building a six-board chest using sugar pine. Like the “Build a Shaker Side Table” DVD, this was shot in real time with me narrating every operation. Plus narrating every mistake and every fix.

As a result, this DVD isn’t merely about the steps to build the chest. During the 120 minutes, I cover stock dimensioning, panel flattening, cutting curves, making rabbets, and dados and nails. There’s a bit on miters, hand-cut mouldings and milk paint as well.

If you are at the beginning stages of woodworking or switching to hand-tool woodworking, I think you will find this DVD useful.

The DVD also includes a short glossary and a SketchUp file of the six-board chest that illustrates the construction steps.