Hand Scrapers (U.S. only)

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Many woodworkers are flummoxed by how to sharpen and use hand scrapers. In this DVD, Christopher Schwarz brings the lowly hand scraper to life. He clearly shows effective sharpening methods that will help you master the ultimate finishing tool.

Scrapers are one of the most misunderstood but useful tools in a woodshop. A scraper in its simplest form is simply a piece of hardened steel that has a small hook on its edge that was created by bending the corner with an even harder rod of steel. But this tool is capable of making tear-out free cuts in hardwoods that no plane (no matter what the price or amount of fettling) is able to manage.

But why do scrapers work? No one seems agree. And how should you sharpen them? On this topic there is even more disagreement. This DVD discusses the 14 historical techniques for sharpening this rectangle of steel. And after trying all of these techniques the DVD explores a 15th way to sharpen the tool that doesn't require a lot of equipment, is faster than any of the other techniques and will result in success the first time you try it.