Forgotten Hand Tools (U.S. only)

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Christopher Schwarz has done extensive hands-on research on drawboring, handsawing and the historical use of nails in furniture construction. In this DVD, Chris explores techniques for fast, accurate and strong furniture construction that will last several lifetimes. His ideas may change the way you do woodworking.

It might seem difficult to believe, but there really are fundamental tools and skills that have almost disappeared from today’s woodworking schools, books, magazines and catalogs.

This DVD is based on the author’s years of building furniture and researching the construction techniques in 17th-, 18th- and 19th-century furniture. He found that antique furniture was built using some of the fundamental techniques of the house carpenter, including toenailing, drawboring and lots of hand sawing.

This DVD shows you how to use the correct hammer and nail for furniture, how to properly drawbore a mortise-and-tenon joint, and how to train your mind, eye and body so you will be ready to cut dovetails.

While these topics might seem like fairly radical stuff today, they shouldn’t be. Nailing, drawboring and sawing are skills that belong in the arsenal of every woodworker, no matter if they use hand tools or power tools, or if they build in the Queen Anne or country furniture styles.