'Family Tree of Chairs' Letterpress Poster

$ 33.00

The "Family Tree of Chairs" is an original piece of art made by Lee John Phillips of Wales that was first printed as the endpapers for "The Stick Chair Book" by Christopher Schwarz. The "Family Tree" shows the development of chair forms through the centuries – from a tree stump all the way to the more complex types, such as the high-style Chippendale chairs and a Sam Maloof rocking chair.

The limited edition 16" x 20" poster features the original drawing (plus a key to the chairs) printed via letterpress on a beautiful cotton paper. Each poster is numbered, and we have printed only 200. Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Letterpress printing is a manual, old-style of press work that is similar to what Johannes Gutenberg developed in the 15th century. A rigid plate is made of the image, which is then inked and rolled against the paper, transferring the image.

The result is that each print is a little different, and you can feel the texture of each letter and line that is pressed into the paper.

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